Shetland Wool

A little about me

I love knitting, especially traditional Fair Isle. This is what I first learned to knit as a child. I was taught by my mother and I learned to knit fair isle gloves and mitts which I knitted in child size and my aunt sold on to a craft shop near where she lived.

I have had a busy life bringing up my family and running our crofting business with my husband Douglas and during these years my knitting kind of got lost in the busyness. I did not imagine I would ever get back to it again. However, in the last 10 years I have taken it up again and found inspiration in some of the beautiful knitted gloves my mother-in-law knitted for my daughters.

Sheila Knitting
Maggies Gloves

My own mother is also a talented knitter and still knitting mainly gloves, now in her eighties. I am glad to be able to pass on this tradition to my own daughters and to keep it going for the next generation.  I have loved getting back into knitting again although it was daunting to begin with and I continue to be awed by the beautiful knitwear produced by so many of the talented designers and knitters in Shetland.