100% Pure Shetland Yarn

100% Pure Shetland Yarn

My name is Sheila Halcrow. I have recently started to have some of our own wool from our native Shetland sheep spun into yarn and dyed. I live in the Shetland Islands and have knitted from a young age. In my shop you will find our 100% pure Shetland yarn in some interesting colours.

Shear Bliss

One of the big summertime jobs is the shearing of our 800+ native Shetland sheep. It is done over about 2 to 3 weeks. They are gathered in batches from areas in the hill common grazing and our inbye parks. It is of course a weather dependant job, and our summers in Shetland can be unpredictable. We often have delays if there is mist on the hills.

Our shearing is done mostly by electric clippers and we usually hire in help at this time to work along with ourselves.

The wool, or ‘oo’ as it is known in Shetland, is sheared, then skirted carefully to remove manure, vegetation and dirt. The fleeces are then rolled and packed in bags ready to be sent away for the exciting process of spinning and dyeing.

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